Parents @ Play: Unplugged play

Whether you're searching for something to do as a family, or something that will keep the kids busy, it's often hard to find activities or games that don't have screens, need batteries, or have to be plugged in. Fortunately, there are still plenty of non-screen, non-electronic options out there.


Chris Erskine: This Father's Day, let's just play ball

Mother's Day is sort of astral, all violins and choirs, fancy brunches and armfuls of flowers. That's OK, because mothers are God's greatest work. Sunsets, mountain lakes and Willie Mays are right up there. But to see where God got it pixel perfect, just look at your average mama – a masterpiece in yoga pants and a sweater she probably bought on sale.

Meet 8 happy-go-lucky pups in need of a home

These 8 puppies were born at the SLO County animal shelter and are learning to fetch, play tug and walk on a leash. Find out how to give them a new home.