Ask Mr. Dad: Bullying: When the victim becomes the perpetrator

Dear Mr. Dad: My son just started in middle school and the dean called to tell me that my son is bullying several of his classmates. I find this hard to believe: I've never seen him treat anyone badly and no one else has ever told me otherwise. Plus, back in elementary school, he was constantly bullied because he was overweight (although he had a growth spurt and lost a lot of that weight over the summer). What should I do about this?


Ex-etiquette: Distant daughter

Q: My ex and I share custody of our daughter, and lately I've noticed that my daughter never wants to talk to me when she is at her mother's house. She seems happy at my house and likes to talk to her mom when she calls, but distant and withdrawn from me when she's with her mom. I've discussed this with her mother, but since it's not happening at her house, she really doesn't care. What's good ex-etiquette?


Lori Borgman: Getting burned and bummed on fall crafts

It's PSL season. You know what that is, right? Pumpkin spice latte. It's not just a drink, it is the official kickoff for fall - the ref's whistle signaling that it's time to break out the sweaters, boots, cider, pumpkins, candy corn and endless adorable crafts.


Living with Children: Parental fork in the road

In the late 1960s, America came to a fork in the parenting road and took the road never traveled. My generation did what no generation in any culture at any time in history had ever done: we broke with the parenting traditions of our foremothers and forefathers. When the time came, we refused to take the well-worn parenting baton and carry it forward. And as poet Robert Frost foresaw, albeit upside-down, it has made all of the difference.


App review: 'Lifeline: Whiteout,' teens will enjoy complex, riveting choose-your-own-adventure game

Parents need to know that Lifeline: Whiteout is the third storyline in the choose-your-own-adventure-style games of Lifeline. The protagonist's life is in peril throughout the story, and he kills another character in some scenarios, though all violence comes in the form of written descriptions. The game ends when the main character dies, but players can try again, choosing different options and testing different outcomes. During the first play-through, interactions come as notifications with long pauses between communications. After the character dies or the player reaches the end, kids can opt for "fast play," which eliminates the lag time. In settings, players can choose English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the information collected and shared.

Home & Garden

Yardsmart: Wild tulips for a drought garden

If you're gardening in drought, wild tulips may become your new best friend this year. These are wildflowers that bloom in spring throughout the mountain ranges and hill country of the Mediterranean and points east. They were first collected by the Persians and later used by the Dutch in early breeding of modern show tulips. They are the hardy pioneers called "botanical tulips" left behind in the wake of our obsession with fancy horticultural varieties.


How media and tech can help you raise a good human

As parents, we have many hopes for our kids. We want them to grow up to live happy, successful lives. We hope they'll find love, maybe have kids of their own, and pursue their dreams. But at the bottom of all these wishes is the hope that our kid turns into a decent human being - someone who is kind, respectful, and honest.


TV: 8 Latina TV characters to inspire and entertain your kids

"Diversity" is a lot more than the latest buzzword in Hollywood. When kids see positive portrayals of people who share their background and culture on TV, it can be truly life-changing. It plants the seed of possibility. It bolsters self-esteem. It reinforces cultural touchstones. And it's really as simple as watching great characters with depth, dimension, and authenticity. Fortunately, Latina characters have come a long way from when American actress Natalie Wood played Latina, Maria in "West Side Story." Today's audiences are treated to Latina characters who are actually played by Latina actresses, reinforcing the message that you can be anything you imagine. Here are some of our favorite Latina characters:

Home & Garden

Style at Home: Let's hear it for the boys: Menswear fabric adds class

It all started with a fashion intervention. When I was a little girl, for Easter mass, all the other little girls' mothers dressed their princesses in frilly pink and blue frocks. My mom put me in a well-cut, no-nonsense khaki and cream dress. When I protested, wanting to look like the other girls, she gave me a knowing look and said, "Honey, you're just more of a tailored-dress kind of girl." In my heart, I knew she was right. And I've had a deep and abiding love for classic styling and menswear fabric ever since.


ONX Wines' Templeton "farm-to-glass" vineyard tour

Drew Nenow, enologist at ONX Wines, took time from the hectic harvest schedule to lead a weekend “farm-to-glass” tour of the winemaking process with ONX associate winemaker Jeff Strekas.
Laura Dickinson The Tribune
ONX Wines' Templeton 1:25

ONX Wines' Templeton "farm-to-glass" vineyard tour

Take a tour of Janet Cooper's Cambria home 0:52

Take a tour of Janet Cooper's Cambria home

Meet the cats now half price at SLO County shelter 1:06

Meet the cats now half price at SLO County shelter

Tour the Link garden in Cambria 1:04

Tour the Link garden in Cambria