Turkey is more dangerous than guns

Hundreds of people will die this Thanksgiving week as a result of eating turkey, either by food poisoning from undercooked turkey, choking or heart attacks from overindulgence.

Amid alerts and worries, Thanksgiving still beckons

The State Department has issued a chilling worldwide travel alert, warning that the threat of terrorism looms large. Cable news and Twitter carry round-the-clock breaking news of attacks around the world. Police officers patrol major airports with bomb-sniffing dogs and carry intimidating weapons like shotguns and AR-15s.

This week's circulars

The Butterball Turkey Talk Line launched in 1981 to help home cooks make turkeys for Thanksgiving. The hotline has helped 50 million people so far. Supervisor Marjorie Klindera shared what it's like to work on the hotline.
Meta Viers and Cristina Rayas McClatchy

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