Suspect in fatal Shandon stabbing was attacked, beaten by several men, mother says

If you witness a crime, here’s what to do

Witnessing a crime and reporting it can be just as frightening as being the victim of a crime. Here’s what you should do if you witness illegal activity.
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Witnessing a crime and reporting it can be just as frightening as being the victim of a crime. Here’s what you should do if you witness illegal activity.

An Atascadero man being held as a suspect in a fatal stabbing in Shandon appeared in court Friday for an alleged parole violation.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has not charged Kejuan Guy Bynum or anyone else with anything related to the alleged June 1 stabbing.

Outside the courtroom, Bynum’s mother said her son told her he was attacked by several men in the incident that left Cristopher Vento Wilson, 23, dead.

Bynum, 26, had visible bruises on the left side of his face as he sat next to his attorney, Linden Mackaoui, on Friday. He was wearing a court-supplied collared shirt.

Bynum has been in custody without bail at San Luis Obispo County Jail since his arrest early Sunday morning while San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office investigators review the case with prosecutors. He’s on parole after serving state prison time for robbery and making criminal threats in 2015, according to San Luis Obispo Superior Court records.

At Friday’s hearing, Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen ordered that Bynum remain in jail without bail after he pleaded not guilty to the alleged parole violation. Bynum is due back in court for the alleged violation on June 25.

Outside the courtroom after the hearing, Bynum’s mother told The Tribune that, in conversations she’s had with her son since the alleged stabbing, he’s told her he was attacked and beaten by several men and dragged in the street. She did not get the chance to elaborate before having to meet with Mackaoui in a private courthouse room.

Mackaoui was not immediately available for comment.

The Sheriff’s Office named Bynum as a suspect in the stabbing that killed Wilson, but has not provided details about the incident. The agency has also not said how many people may have been involved.

A news release said that deputies responded on the evening of June 1 to the 200 block of Escondido Way, where one man had been stabbed during a fight.

Wilson was taken to a hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Detectives later learned that Bynum was a passenger in a vehicle leaving the area and followed the vehicle to Pismo Beach, where he was apprehended during a traffic stop at the 4th Street freeway exit, the Sheriff’s Office said.

A Meal Train account has been created to provide food for Wilson’s family and to raise donations. For more information, visit

Christopher Vento Wilson, 23, of Paso Robles was killed on Saturday, June 1, 2019, in a Shandon stabbing. Friends are organizing meals and donations for Wilson’s family. Meal Train

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