Letters to the Editor

Tom Fulks’ column is little more than verbal flatulence

Is anybody out there as tired as I am of the venomous rants of Tom Fulks? In his latest nastygram attacking San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Debbie Arnold, Fulks begs the question, “What’s the matter with Shangri-La?” (May 22). The answer: Just look in the mirror, Tom!

While Fulks’ columns constantly decry the rhetoric of hate, he is in fact hate’s primary local purveyor. Why The Tribune continues to nurture his bilious bloviating is beyond me. His drivel targeting those who refuse to heed his overblown bombastics and conspiracy theories as the would-be, self-appointed tastemaker of local politics is little more than verbal flatulence. Constantly resorting to exaggerated emotionalism in his caustic commentaries, Fulks has become his own cartoon.

Debbie Arnold cares deeply for this county. While some might not agree with everything she does, she has the courage of her convictions, has the willingness to do what is right rather than only what is popular and is a strong defender of our county’s agricultural heritage. That she does not cave in to the lunatic fringe fueled by Fulks’ flame-throwing is to her great credit.

Just ignore Tom, and let’s support Debbie.

T. Keith Gurnee, San Luis Obispo