Letters to the Editor

Going to Mid-State Fair concert? Keep your babies at home, says letter writer

Concerts hard on babies

My husband and I attended a concert at the Mid-State Fair. I was surprised there were babies and toddlers there. We sat across from the stage in the higher seats. It was extremely loud, with lights being flashed at/on the crowd. It ended about 11 p.m.

There was a young couple in the row ahead of us with their 18-month-old son. He originally had headphones on but during the opening act he became hot and uncomfortable and removed them. He spent the rest of the night clutching his ears and trying to bury his head in his mother’s shirt as she happily continued drinking beer and dancing.

The fact that he was clutching his ears and trying to “hide” from the concert make me think he was crying and suffering. It was heartbreaking.

My ears were ringing all the way home and all I could think about were what these poor kids who had to endure.

Babies and small children are not allowed in bars. This concert had the same environment (minus the roof). Most people I observed were drinking. Some were smoking. Several people had to be ejected by security.

I reached out to the CEO of the Mid-State Fair and received a reply email stating, “There is no law or statute that provides us the ability to discriminate against a parent’s “choice.”

A child’s safety and development should definitely take priority over a parent’s “choice. I would like feedback from the community — particularly audiologists, pediatricians and lawmakers.

Marie Ramos, Arroyo Grande

Dear Lynyrd Skynyrd,

LOVE your music , always have and always will. But please, next time you come to the Central Coast, leave your Confederate flag and politics at home. Just play music. It’s really what you do best.

Allyson Krugh, Templeton

Stop flights over Paso!

Why is there a need to advertise the Chumash Casino from the air during the Paso Robles Mid-State Fair?

A plane tows a big banner on a daily basis just before, during and after dinnertime. The plane goes back and forth over Paso Robles.

It flies low, it is loud and it is extremely annoying. With our home windows open during those times, it is like the water torture routine.

I find it amazing that fair organizers do not realize the negative impact the plane has on Paso Robles residents. I truly hope they simply made a mistake and will both eliminate the problem this year and will not repeat it next year.

My efforts to contact organizers of the fair directly met with no success. Apparently they want their names prominently published but do not permit regular people to contact them to air such concerns as this.

Jerry Crabill, Paso Robles

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