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Here’s what readers think about Rep. Devin Nunes’ ‘secret’ SLO County fundraiser

Will I get sued too?

Thank you for posting Bryce Engstrom’s letter of May 19. It was informative, but also cautionary.

On the surface, it appears that Devin Nunes ignores his constituents. He has not held a town hall, or public meeting, in years. It’s actually worse than that. He’s so averse to criticism that he avoids fundraising on his home turf and sues those who try hold him accountable. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay, Devin listens. Devin will be holding a private, pay-to-play, fundraising event in our county this month.

Due to public outrage and planned protests, Devin canceled his fundraising events in his own district (CA 22), and will instead be trying to raise money in ours. I plan on holding Devin accountable for shirking his constitutional and House Intelligence Committee responsibilities. Join me, and others concerned about the health of our democracy, by making our voices heard at Devin’s event the evening of June 28, on Price Canyon Road in Pismo Beach, near the entrance to Thousand Hills Road.

Will Devin also sue me for exercising my First Amendment rights by protesting his event and writing this letter? I’m willing to take that chance.

Where in the world is Devin Nunes?

As published in this paper on April 23, the SLO County Republican Party plans on hosting Congressman Devin Nunes at a private event on June 28 at an undisclosed location in southern SLO County. The SLO County Republican Party website currently shows the event, but only indicates a “special guest.”

The location of the event was recently disclosed on Twitter by the parody account, @DevinCow, which Devin Nunes is currently suing in court for defamation — Mr. Nunes apparently not being a big fan of the First Amendment to our Constitution if it allows people to say mean things about him.

Why is the SLO County Republican Party trying to keep this secret? Why is Devin Nunes sneaking around our county trying to fundraise instead of having a town hall event to listen to his own constituents in his own district (Fresno/Tulare counties), which he hasn’t done in several years?

I hope the SLO County Republican Party will reconsider having one of the moooooost divisive national figures here to fundraise in secret. First Amendment protected peaceful protests are already being planned at the entrance to the event if they decide to go through with this poorly considered plan.

Bryce Engstrom, Arroyo Grande

The left has no shame

It speaks volumes when an elected leader is forced to keep a speaking engagement and fundraiser a secret due to the possibility and probability that you on the left will attempt to disrupt him. It is you on the left who riot at Berkeley, smash windows and set fires. It is you on the left who defamed a 16-year-old boy who did nothing but behave himself in Washington, D.C. simply because you objected to the hat he was wearing. Can you imagine us conservatives doing our best to deny that idiot Eric Swalwell his right to speak?

Unlike you on the left, we were raised with manners. Our parents would never dream of letting us wear a hat depicting a woman’s sexual organ or disrupting a person’s right to free speech or freedom of assembly. You have no shame.

It is no wonder that I get phone calls begging me to once again subscribe, the woman just about offered to pay me to take The Tribune. I told her that it was so full of crap all it was good for was to fertilize my tomatoes.

Ralph Bush, Arroyo Grande

Nunes’ visit an honor

I am pleased and honored to learn that a high-ranking member of Congress will be visiting the Central Coast in June.

Congressman Devin Nunes (22nd District) has an outstanding record of representing his constituents in the Central Valley and gained considerable recognition during his four years as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

In this role, he did our nation a great service by exposing the unethical and possibly illegal acts of the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration to influence the 2016 presidential campaign and, when that failed, to take down a legitimately elected president of the United States.

The use of a phony dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign to convince the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to justify spying on the Trump campaign may be an all-time low in American politics. Without Congressman Nunes’ efforts, we would have never learned of this.

Yes, the man is coming to speak and raise money. Anyone troubled by this should first check with Nancy Pelosi, the American “queen” of fundraising outside her district.

Despite veiled threats (see recent letters to The Tribune), I look forward to hearing Congressman Nunes and becoming a better informed American.

Robert Olson, Arroyo Grande

Questions for Devin

The May 19 letter to the editor, “Where in the world is Devin Nunes?” left me with several questions.

Why are the SLO Republicans not publishing his name? Are they embarrassed?

What is Devin paying them to hold this event on the Central Coast?

Why is he raising funds here? Shouldn’t he be raising funds in Fresno/Tulare Counties? He is their representative.

Wouldn’t his time be better spent meeting with his constituents?

Is he raising money so he can pay his lawyers for working on several allegedly frivolous lawsuits? He is suing Twitter, @DevinCow, @DevinNunesMom, and Liz Mair for $250 million plus interest for his pain and suffering. His feelings were hurt. That is so sad. He is also suing McClatchy Co. over a Fresno Bee article for $150 million.

Will this fundraiser help the defendants pay their lawyers’ bills when his seemingly meritless lawsuits get laughed out of court?

Devin is coming to the Central Coast. All those who are concerned with responsive and transparent government should come together and prepare the welcome he deserves. I was happy to learn the site of the event is now known. See you there?

Cheryl Storton, Arroyo Grande

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