Devin Nunes’ cow reveals the location of his secret SLO County fundraiser

Devin Nunes’ cow may have spilled the beans.

The location of Congressman Nunes’ June 28 “secret fundraiser” in San Luis Obispo County has been outed on the Twitter parody account @DevinCow.

Sponsors of the local Republican Party event have been trying to keep its location hush-hush on account of supposed “security issues.”

But according to tweets by Devin’s cow, it will be at the Thousand Hills Ranch in Pismo Beach, a wedding venue off Price Canyon Road.

The question is, can the cow’s intel be trusted?

Remember, this is the same cow named in a $250 million defamation suit filed by Nunes. (The McClatchy Co., parent company of The Tribune, also has been sued by Nunes for defamation in a separate case.)

The Tribune contacted the local Republican Party chairman; the main organizers of the event; the venue itself; and, last but not least, Nunes’ staff, but no one would confirm or deny the location.

Even ticket holders aren’t being told where it is, other than that it’s in South County.

“A reminder and further directions will be sent prior to the event,” is all they’ve been given.

Maybe organizers are using Thousand Hills Ranch as a decoy, and the event will really be held at a repurposed barn in Nipomo?

An abandoned warehouse on the Mesa?

A big white tent in the Huasna Valley?

Whether it’s at Thousand Hills Ranch or some other as-yet-undisclosed location, the Sheriff’s Office will be at the ready.

“At this time we are not planning any additional resources,” spokesman Tony Cipolla said via email, “but are prepared for any eventuality.”

Meanwhile, followers of Devin Nunes’ cow are having a field day on Twitter.

A few helpful souls posted maps and descriptions of the Thousand Hills venue.

Several indicated they might be there:

“Hopefully, there is a million moo march...”

“Oooh I love Pismo and we’ve been looking for a getaway up there!”

“It would be a damned shame if people showed up with very loud loudspeakers (you know, the kind that go to 11) and mooed through them.”

This comes as no surprise; as one of President Trump’s most loyal and outspoken defenders and as former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes is a polarizing figure — with haters and admirers across the nation.

In his home district of the Central Valley, he easily won re-election last year, but he’s encountered opposition, and has been dogged by protesters, including some clad in cow suits.

Nunes has been criticized for being out of touch with his constituents. There are complaints that he spends too much time in D.C. and when he is home, makes himself available only on conservative, call-in radio talk shows and at invitation-only events.

“He went from a local man who knew everyone and about everything in his district to a Washington insider who is nasty,” one constituent told The Fresno Bee last year.

His upcoming appearance in Pismo Beach (if that is indeed where he will be) hasn’t helped him mend fences at home.

“Why not hold a fundraiser in your district or a town hall?” is a frequent refrain on Twitter.

Still, it’s understandable that Nunes would want to visit San Luis Obispo County.

He graduated from Cal Poly and no doubt gets an occasional hankering for the Central Coast.

And it’s not unheard of for the more prominent members of Congress to attend fundraisers outside their districts.

But his critics are absolutely right.

Nunes should regularly hold town hall meetings, show up at community events and — dare we say it? — talk to the local media.

Not only does he not do those things, he is contemptuous of the very idea of communicating with those outside his base. When the Fresno Bee asked if he was going to hold any local forums or town hall meetings, he scoffed at the idea.

Can you imagine Salud Carbajal or Jordan Cunningham doing such a thing?

Given Nunes’ divisiveness, is it any wonder that his supporters in San Luis Obispo County wanted to keep his appearance a secret?

And now that secret may have been blown by a fake cow with an impressive herd of more than 628,000 followers on Twitter — including some who just might grab their cow bells and head for the (Thousand) Hills of Pismo Beach.

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