Letters to the Editor

Watch the letter headlines, Tribune

I appreciated reading what Christine Mulholland wrote in her letter of July 15, where she rebutted Carlyn Christianson’s letter of July 12.

Christine did this with common sense and facts.

And since I’m referencing that July 12 letter from Ms. Christianson, I took note of the headline above her letter, written by The Tribune: “Councilwoman sets the record straight on SLO hotels.”

Sets the record straight? This insinuates that what Keith Gurnee wrote on July 7, concerning approval of the big buildings downtown, is not true.

Is this not a form of not-too-subtle editorializing? Or is it just an early endorsement of Ms. Christianson?

Sorry, Tribune, but you are not to be trusted when we see you do things like this.

Jim Schwartz, San Luis Obispo