Letters to the Editor

Please, SLO, no more buildings on steroids

Kudos to The Tribune for its editorial decrying the massive buildings being proposed in our downtown. Arguing that these over-the-top structures in the heart of our community “threaten the soul…” of our city was spot on. If that was Joe Tarica’s first editorial as The Tribune’s new editor, he sure hit the ground running.

The buildings this city has recently been approving are emblematic of the fact that our mayor and City Council are out of touch with the community. Take the two new hotels in the downtown, or the building at 22 Chorro, or the project proposed at 790 Foothill, or this latest six-story one at Chorro and Marsh. They utterly dwarf everything around them.

“Urban infill” is one appropriate form of development as long it is done tastefully with careful attention to scale and character. But this type of urban infill isn’t town planning, it’s “town cramming.” It is obliterating the views of our scenic peaks that give our downtown and neighborhoods such a strong sense of place.

Enough with these buildings on steroids that are destroying the essence of our community!

T. Keith Gurnee, San Luis Obispo

Editor’s note: T. Keith Gurnee has announced his candidacy for mayor of San Luis Obispo.