Letters to the Editor

Democrats rail on ‘hate speech,’ but they’re just as guilty


Did anyone else see the irony in Thursday’s paper on 3B beside me? A letter from Allan Cooper assails two speakers who were rioted off the campus at Berkeley for what he called “hate speech.” A short distance away is the picture of John Burton, erstwhile leader of the California Democratic party, flipping the proverbial bird with both hands and leading the shouted chorus aimed at Trump, using a reproductive metaphor. The DNC chair is also a potty mouth and frequently uses this kind of speech.

The riots over who deserves free speech installs Berkeley as our 1933 Munich beer hall and we citizens as the windows of the Starbucks that get wiped out in every Berkeley riot.

I am not certain that kind of hate is correctable. Do you really want these masked and profane thugs to be the arbiters of free speech?

Caveat emptor.

D. Paul Fenton, Arroyo Grande