Letters to the Editor

Peace doesn’t come through meet-and-greets, letter writer says

What a shame you missed the point of my letter, Steven (“Letter writer who said he wouldn’t attend Muslim event missed seeing religions unite,” April 12).

I’m glad your heart and mind are filled with peace after attending a meet-and-greet with members of our Muslim community. Try expressing your “enlightened” message to Americans actively fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Try expressing it to all the families of those who have been killed or forever wounded by terror attacks in New York, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc. I’m sure they would feel relieved to know the peace you feel.

I desire peace as much as anyone. But peace does not come about by meet-and-greets. Your kumbayah moment may make you feel better, but it accomplished nothing else.

I stand fully behind what I wrote. I want to see the Muslim community take action to combat the evil within its midst. It’s bad enough that America has to lead the way in fighting it. Is it too much to ask that Muslims take a more aggressive posture against it?

What a contrast seeing all the snowflakes constantly marching and protesting against President Trump, while never seeing Muslims marching or protesting against Islamists. You “heard the Muslim community denounce ISIS”? Great. But it’s not enough! Get a clue.

Ed Bogusch, Atascadero