Letters to the Editor

Republicans won’t let winning stop them from hurling insults

President-elect Donald Trump speaks in Orlando, Fla.
President-elect Donald Trump speaks in Orlando, Fla. AP

Now that Donald Trump has been handed the White House on a platter, sanctimonious, self-righteous elements of his party, as evidenced by letters to The Tribune in recent weeks, pompously accuse Democrats of hate, ignorance and corruption. With the election barely over, these individuals have forgotten that Trump campaigned on a platform of hate, lies and everything contrary to what Americans brag about: inclusion, freedoms, respect.

As for corruption, these individuals must have forgotten the damage done under Republican administrations. Bill Clinton’s dalliances pale in comparison to Richard Nixon’s infamous Watergate scandal that led to his resignation. Hilary Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street tycoons are child’s play compared with Ronald Reagan’s arms for hostages in the Iran-Contra affair. And the list of international criminal transgressions, including overturning democratically elected governments by the CIA, is far too long to be included here.

Evidently, like Trump, Republicans are not content with merely winning. They must hurl insults and show their vindictive nature in order to cement their gains. I find it ironic that the country that brags to be the “leader of the world” is showing how petty, childish and insecure it really is in needing an enemy at all times; be that enemy foreign or domestic.

Joseph Codispoti, Los Osos