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Paso Robles breaks 40-year-old high temperature record

It’s been just a week since Paso Robles recorded its first triple-digit day of 2019, and the city has already broken a longstanding heat record.

The high temperature on Tuesday was 103 degrees at the Paso Robles Airport, breaking the previous daily record of 102 degrees set in 1979, according to PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey.

But the high temperatures aren’t a fluke: So far this month, Paso Robles has been several degrees above average; the average high temperature for June thus far is 92.7 degrees.

Usually, Paso Robles’ average high temperature for June is 87.5 degrees, Lindsey said.

And though it’s cooler at night, those temperatures have warmed too: The average overnight low temperature in June is 50.4 degrees, but so far the average is 52.3 degrees, Lindsey said.

“It’s definitely warmer than normal,” Lindsey said, noting that San Luis Obispo is also seeing warmer temperature averages at this point in the month.

The average overnight low for June in SLO is 51.1 degrees, but so far this month the average has reached 53.5 degrees, Lindsey said. And the average high temperature is 75.1 degrees, but that’s warmed slightly to an average this month of 75.6 degrees, Lindsey said.

But the heat is just about to break.

Increasing northwesterly winds and a thermal trough of low pressure over the Central Valley allowed a marine layer to develop along the coast Wednesday morning, producing cooler temperatures.

As the week progresses, the marine layer is forecast to deepen and move farther inland each night and morning, Lindsey said. This should produce a cooling trend across San Luis Obispo County.

The northwesterly winds are also forecast to produce heavy drizzle during the early morning hours along the beaches from Thursday into Sunday, Lindsey said.

The marine layer is forecast to persist from Sunday night into next Wednesday due to gentle variable winds, Lindsey said.

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