Pet Tales

Bethany the star-crossed tabby cat is looking for a forever home

If Bethany the cat could chart her own course, she’d follow the stars to the comfiest spot on a sofa — preferably cozying up with someone who knows the joys of giving kitty head massages and belly rubs.

Given her friendly nature and fondness for being petted, it’s clear that Bethany was once a loved pet.

Two months ago, her stars crossed. Bethany was found with a broken back leg, and no family came to the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services shelter to claim her.

It’s likely that, at another county shelter, Bethany’s injury would have been a death sentence. But thanks to our community’s ongoing donations to the San Luis Obispo County shelter’s Animals Requesting Friends (ARF) fund, Bethany underwent surgery to repair her leg.

Bethany is a loving 10-year-old, brown tabby with golden eyes and an impressive appreciation for human attention. At times, she leans her head so deeply into your hand that she ends up on her back ready for belly rubs.

As charming as she is, Bethany faces two adoption hurdles. No. 1, she’s a senior and No. 2, the shelter is overloaded with kittens.

With kennel space at a premium, every adoption helps with reducing shelter overcrowding and gives overlooked cats more time to find a home.

To this end, all cat adoption fees — for kittens and teen, adult and senior cats — are half off until the end of August.

A long journey has brought Bethany to the shelter. May the stars soon align so she finds a lifelong home.

For more information about Bethany (ID No. 230691), call the volunteer line at the Animal Services shelter at 805-781-4413 or visit The shelter is located at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1, in San Luis Obispo.

The full-price adoption fee is $81 for cats and $115 for dogs, plus a $28 county license fee for dogs, if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes a new collar, a spay or neuter operation, basic vaccinations, a microchip and eligibility for a free veterinary check within San Luis Obispo County. Cats also are tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and adopters receive a carrier.

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