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Want your very own ‘Toto dog’? Meet Scruffy the Cairn terrier

As the recent fires have shown, calamities can happen at any time. For Scruffy, his life was upended when his family had to move without him.

Scruffy’s an 8-year-old Cairn terrier who’s wiry salt-and-pepper coat and intelligent eyes give him the look of a somber, if frowzy, wizard. Yet Scruffy becomes downright giddy when people show him affection and will roll onto his back for belly rubs.

Think of Toto in the Land of Oz. He too was a Cairn terrier, which is a solid little lapdog with a plucky disposition.

Like many “Toto dogs,” Scruffy gets along with other small dogs but would prefer to be any only pet. Also, you can count on Scruffy to let you know when visitors arrive — be they friend or foe — and once assured they’re friends, he’ll greet them with bright-eyed cheerfulness. This breed thrives in households with consistent rules and lots of loving praise for good behavior.

If you have a soft spot for older dogs but Scruffy isn’t your match, there are other seniors who’ve been swept up by life changes and have landed at our county shelter.

For example, Etta’s a 10-year-old wire-haired Jack Russell terrier who loves to play fetch; Layla’s an 8-year-old lap-loving Chihuahua; and Belle’s an 11-year-old Bassador (bassett hound/Labrador mix) who wants to be someone’s life companion.

Not all shelter dogs look like Toto, yet all believe there’s no place like home.

Scrufffy’s ID is #227694.

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