Pet Tales

Jasper is small in stature but large in personality. He longs for a loving home

This week, San Luis Obispo County Animal Services’ volunteer Ellen Perryess shares the story of Jasper.

Jasper is highly qualified to be someone’s loving little dog. He’s a happy and playful 4-year-old chihuahua who appreciates snuggling with people and enjoys the company of other small dogs. Large dogs are fine too, once Jasper is certain a little dog like himself isn’t at risk of being eaten.

Being small in stature but large in attitude, chihuahuas are best suited for an adult household or one with older, dog-savvy children. They also tend to envision themselves as head of home security, though in Jasper’s case, he appreciates input from humans on such matters so a happy medium can be reached.

Like most dogs, Jasper enjoys having a routine, especially if it includes lots of cuddles. An ideal day might look like this — wake up in a cozy bed, nip out to the yard to take care of business and settle in for a tasty breakfast nosh, followed by a pleasant walk where Jasper and his person can stroll and appreciate the beauty of the day.

Jasper’s mid-day would likely be filled with napping — gopher patrol if you have such a problem — and anticipating the return of loving people. Evening plans would include a repeat of morning walk and nosh, plus some snuggle and lap time before heading back to bed in preparation for the next day to begin again.

The shelter is such a big place for a little dog. Jasper longs for love and a cozy place to call home.

For more information about Jasper (ID No. 226917), call the volunteer line at the Animal Services shelter at 805-781-4413 or visit The shelter is located at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1, in San Luis Obispo.

The full-price adoption fee is $81 for cats and $115 for dogs, plus a $28 county license fee for dogs, if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes a new collar, a spay or neuter operation, basic vaccinations, a microchip and eligibility for a free veterinary check within San Luis Obispo County. Cats also are tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and adopters receive a carrier.

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