This SLO County city was a clue on ‘Jeopardy!’ — for being a ‘cute’ Central Coast village

I’ll take “Famous SLO County Cities” for $800, Alex.

Arroyo Grande residents got a surprise Tuesday night when their city was name-dropped on popular game show “Jeopardy!” as a clue for one of the night’s answers.

“This Spanish word refers to a deep gully and precedes ‘Grande’ in the name of a cute village on the Central Coast,” read longtime host Alex Trebek, who recently sold his San Luis Obispo County vacation home.

The answer, of course, is “What is Arroyo?”

Arroyo Grande resident Vivian Krug-Cotton said she and her husband, who watch the show every night, were thrilled to spot the clue.

“While watching, my husband and I both yelled out ‘Arroyo Grande!’ ” she said, “and had a good laugh and said, ‘We made it on ‘Jeopardy!’ Woo hoo!’ ”

Arroyo Grande made an appearance on the Sept. 17 episode of “Jeopardy.” Vivian Krug-Cotton

Krug-Cotton posted a photo of the clue on her Facebook page, where it has since racked up more than 200 likes, with dozens of people congratulating Arroyo Grande on its fame.

Arroyo Grande City Council member Kristen Barneich also posted something about the appearance on her Facebook page after a friend notified her that Arroyo Grande had been featured.

“When I saw it come up on Facebook (on my) computer screen, I was like ‘No way! Little AG is famous!’ ” Barneich told The Tribune in a Facebook Messenger exchange on Wednesday.

Tuesday night’s episode featured the 10th win by Albuquerque, New Mexico, math teacher Jason Zuffranieri.

At the end of the night, Zuffranieri took home $5,300. To date, he has won $361,943.

Trebek, who is once again undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, has owned several properties in San Luis Obispo County over the years, including Windmill Farms in Creston and a vacation home near Lake Nacimiento. He has since sold both.

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