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Restaurant inspection reports in June: The cleanest and dirtiest kitchens in SLO County

Are your favorite restaurants rated high or low for cleanliness?

Each month, the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department conducts surprise visits at restaurant and produces reports about what inspectors find. The Tribune then analyzes that data to create a list of cafes and restaurants that scored the highest and the lowest.

All information in this report was obtained in July through a public records request. County health inspectors’ notes have been edited for length and clarity and reflect the condition of the restaurant at the time of the inspection. For this list, all inspections occurred between June 1 and June 30.

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Lowest rated restaurants

Thai Classic Restaurant, 1011 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo

Points lost: 28

Notes: Inspectors found significant, repeat violations in critical areas. Staff demonstrate a lack of knowledge of food safety, at the time of inspection there was no hand washing sink available, fly strips were seen above food prep area, and the facility is cluttered. (Several violations were addressed by the next day.)

San Luis Fish & BBQ, 474 Marsh St., San Luis Obispo

Points lost: 21.5

Notes: Inspectors found several repeat violations. Staff demonstrate a lack of knowledge of food safety, numerous flies were seen in the facility, entire facility is in need of detail cleaning due to excessive soil, grease, and debris observed on surfaces throughout.

Pacific Umi, Inc., 1319 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach

Points lost: 15.5

Notes: Inspectors recommended to ensure employees have sanitizer available to clean surfaces that come into contact with food, provide wall mounted paper towels and hand wash station, all toxic substances must be labeled.

Paso Robles Inn, 1103 Spring St., Paso Robles

Points lost: 15

Notes: Inspectors observed no soap or warm water at hand wash station, lack of proper consumer advisory for undercooked foods, food stored on the floor of walk-in and in dry storage closet, accumulation of food debris and grime on several pieces of equipment.

These restaurants also received scores below 90 due to violations.

  • Samurai, 1131 Creston Road Suite 99, Paso Robles. Points lost: 14

  • Golden China Restaurant, 7425 El Camino Real, Atascadero. Points lost: 13
  • Fireside Inn, 6700 Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria. Points lost: 12.5
  • Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 411 Five Cities Drive, Pismo Beach. Points lost: 12
  • Sunset Grill, 9070 Castrillo Drive, San Simeon. Points lost: 11.5
  • J’s Burgers, 747 Spring St., Suite 101, Paso Robles. Points lost: 10.5
  • Goshi Japanese Restaurant, 722 Pine St., Paso Robles. Points lost: 10.5

Highest rated restaurants

These restaurants received a score of 100 with no violations.

  • Grover Beach Sourdough, 236 W. Grand Ave., Grover Beach
  • Surfside Donuts, 603 Dolliver St., Pismo Beach
  • Efren’s No. 4 Restaurant, 263 N Frontage Road, Nipomo
  • The Cafe, 4286 Bridge St., Cambria
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill #1708, 297 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo
  • Scout Coffee, 880 Foothill Blvd., San Luis Obispo
  • Noi and Doi’s 2nd Street Cafe, 1325 Second St, Los Osos
  • Torres Corn, 263 N. Frontage Road, Nipomo
  • Cork n Bottle Liquor Store, 774 Foothill Blvd., San Luis Obispo
  • Castle Inn by the Sea, 6620 Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria

These restaurants received a score of 99 or 99.5 with minimal violations.

  • Subway No. 13508, 536 Tefft St., Nipomo
  • The Inn at the Pier, 601 Cypress St., Pismo Beach
  • Sodexo Magic, LLC, 3890 Avila Beach Drive, Avila Beach
  • Holiday Inn Express, 2455 Riverside Ave., Paso Robles
  • Fog Catcher Inn, 6400 Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria
  • Joebella Coffee, 3168 El Camino Real, Atascadero
  • Taco Bell, 1700 Main St., Morro Bay
  • Aramark Corporation-Hearst, Highway 1, San Simeon
  • Delicias De Mi Tierra, 235 W. Tefft St., Nipomo
  • Joy Shell Beach, 1801 Shell Beach Road, Pismo Beach
  • Mustang Waterpark, 6840 Lopez Drive, Arroyo Grande

These restaurants had no or minimal violations and were approved to open.

  • Delicias De Mi Tierra, 235 W Tefft St., Nipomo
  • Habit Burger Grill, 7340 El Camino Real, Atascadero
  • Kraken Coffee Co., 172 Pomeroy St., Pismo Beach
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