The Nike Free line now going the distance

Nike first introduced the Free concept in 2004, and it was one of the pioneers in the minimalist running movement. The initial idea spawned when a Nike designer watched the Stanford cross-country team doing barefoot sprints in the grass. The first shoes in the line focused on offering protection from the ground, but not much else. Of course, running sprints in the grass isn't the same as running a marathon, and the Nike Free was never really designed for long-distance training. That is until now.


Six micro-movements that will help burn more calories

Exercising less with the right intensity is key to losing fat, but so, too, is simply moving your body more on a regular basis. Walk. Take the stairs. Do a few pushups here and there. Do 10 bodyweight squats before you eat. Pick up your kids. Run to the mailbox. Do some lunge walks down the hall. Get up out of your chair every 15 minutes and stretch.


13 things your trainer wants you to stop doing

If you've been sticking to an exercise regimen and aren't seeing results, or simply want to know what your trainer would tell you, politeness thrown to the wayside, you've come to the right place. Below, you'll find 13 things - mistakes, pet peeves - that top trainers want their clients to stop doing.


Wina Sturgeon: Stretching has plenty of benefits, but not necessarily the ones you thought

There are a lot of bogus myths when it comes to stretching. As an athlete, knowing the truth will definitely pay off for you. One of the biggest myths is that stretching is a warmup. It's not. Stretching, especially with a body that has not yet actually been warmed up, means the tissues are cold and not as elastic as they should be. The fibers of both muscle and white connective tissue will not easily slide past each other.


Wisconsin cyclist rode through test of suffering, endurance

By the time Dave Haase arrived in Annapolis, Md., and dismounted the Venge bike at long last, a modest crowd of about 50 people applauded him, many of them family and members of his crew. He gave a weary smile, collected his medal, granted one media interview and then took his team out to lunch, barely able to keep his eyelids open.


The case for taking a break from working out

During the years I lived in New York, I never had to really worry about staying relatively fit. Even when my gym time fell by the wayside for months at a time, I still walked close to two miles on a daily basis just during my commute alone, usually with heavy bags on hand. Carrying my groceries to my fourth-floor walk-up certainly felt like strength training, and typical shopping excursions called for a trek around Brooklyn. Consequently, "out of shape" was always a relative phrase.


A duo's journey to the Boston Marathon

Matt Burdette doesn't like talking about that day. On April 15, 2013, Burdette finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds. All morning, friends and family stood along Boylston Street, waiting for him to cross the finish line, until leaving to join Burdette at the runner-reunite area.


Women empowered by physique competitions

Brittney Wilinski can deadlift 245 pounds, twice her body weight. The former volleyball, basketball and cross country athlete at Mukwonago (Wis.) High School can bench 135 and squat 215. Her body fat percentage is an ultra-lean 14. She's 25, a personal trainer, smart, engaging and fiercely competitive.


The ultimate workout to cure your hangover

After a particularly wild Saturday night, or a spring break celebration, the morning-after hangover can be no joke. Sure, you can reach for one of these best hangover foods, but the best way to get out of that after-effect may just be to sweat it out.


Smith Forefront bike helmet offers protection, comfort and more

A bike helmet is one of those things that you'd rather not think about. You want it to be comfortable enough to forget you're wearing it, and most importantly, be tough enough to protect your noggin in a fall. The Smith Forefront mountain bike helmet succeeds in both categories. First with the comfort: The Forefront, which uses Smith's Aerocore construction, offers full coverage with excellent ventilation to ensure you don't overheat. (It keeps the sunglasses from fogging up as well.) The helmet is designed to accommodate sunglasses, a light, or even a POV camera attachment. And the Vaporfit system allows users to dial in the precise fit to make sure it stays snug on your head.


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