Letters to the Editor

Katcho Achadjian has lost our trust

Our government is currently plagued by political insiders who don’t care about the people of this community or nation. We don’t need to elect more into office, which is why Katcho Achadjian should not be our next Congressman.

Besides all of the promises he has failed to uphold and all of the lies he has told, Katcho has allowed himself to be sold out to special interests, which was shown through his support of the infamous Paso Robles water district. Despite three quarters of taxpayers strongly opposing the development, Katcho continued to push for it in order to please some big money groups who are now funding his Congressional campaign. He completely ignored the voices of the community in order to progress his own self-interests and will do the same in Congress.

Katcho Achadjian has lost our trust and does not deserve to be our representative.

Nick and Michelle D’Antonio, Paso Robles