Letters to the Editor

Dear Trib: Bring back ‘Non Sequitur’

The Tribune’s announcement that it will no longer publish the “Non Sequitur” comic strip has angered some readers.
The Tribune’s announcement that it will no longer publish the “Non Sequitur” comic strip has angered some readers.

Cartoonist deserves second chance

I’m a longtime fan of “Non Sequitur” and feel disappointed and angry that you’ve pulled Wiley Miller’s comic from The Tribune.

We have a president who regularly demeans the press and had been quoted as saying he tries to discredit the media so no one will believe negative stories about him. Trump also demeans women, people who are not white, people who are not Christian, people who are disabled, people who are veterans, people who hold differing political beliefs, on and on. All the while providing cover for his unqualified, inexperienced, obscenely wealthy cabinet to go about damaging the environment, schools, social services ... to name only a few government responsibilities.

I’m asking you to reinstate “Non Sequitur.” Nothing Wiley Miller has done comes anywhere near to what Trump has done and is doing to hurt our democracy and our country. Miller deserves to have his voice heard again. One tiny mistake, for which he has apologized, is not a good enough reason to deprive him of his livelihood and deprive his fans of his wit.

Terre Dunivant, San Luis Obispo

‘Non Sequitur’ is the best

You are making a mistake by deciding to cancel Non Sequitur! It is the funniest entry in what used to be the “funny papers.”

It is true that the author made a mistake when he added a nasty comment about Mr. Trump to one of his drawings, and then “forgot” to erase it before it went to print. But no one’s eyeballs were seared out of their heads, no one died. I doubt that anyone even vomited or had a bad headache as a result of seeing that little inscription. I’ve made a mistake or two myself, and I suspect that the editors at The Trib have done so also.

Drop it for a week in order to fine the offending cartoonist. Even for a month, if you must. But please bring it back — it’s the most original and entertaining thing on the page.

C. Rose, Los Osos

Trib should redact Trump ‘comic strip’

I read with interest Editor Joe Tarica’s comments in the paper about Wiley Miller (full disclosure – no relation to me) and his comic strip, “Non Sequitur.” I agree with your conclusion that Mr. Miller failed to maintain appropriate standards with his vulgar addition to the strip.

I am saddened that his expression of free speech is cause for banishment from our newspaper. The man apologized for his slip of the pen.

I appreciate that you will, going forward, work to ensure such vulgarity does not appear in the pages of the newspaper again.

So, in solidarity with you, I ask that The Tribune, going forward, redact the profane, the vulgar, the hateful, the racist, the sexist, and the untrue from the daily comic strip that is the untrustworthy Donald Trump.

James W. “Bill” Miller, Paso Robles

Cowardly Trib

I began reading comic pages at 6 years of age in 1945 and they are still an important part of my daily paper.

I want to go on record as disagreeing with your removing “Non Sequitur.” You already demonstrated spinelessness in removing Doonesbury. Two great strips lost because someone was offended. “He who has offended no one, has done nothing.”

Tony Hyman, Shell Beach

New motto

A suggestion for a new Trump/Republican Party motto courtesy of “Non Sequitur.” “It’s time to make the earth flat again!”

Barbara Nordin, Morro Bay


How can you cancel “Non Sequitur”? Trump has said that “F” word in the past and he is still in your newspaper. Let’s be fair and lighten up. And, it is pretty funny that no one caught it.

Kenny Hayes, Cambria

Bring it back!

No censorship! Bring back “Non Sequitur.”

Lance Young, San Luis Obispo