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SLO candidate Keith Gurnee: I was wrong to call ‘NIMBY’ the new ‘N-word’

T. Keith Gurnee is a candidate for San Luis Obispo mayor.
T. Keith Gurnee is a candidate for San Luis Obispo mayor.

No one should ever run or serve in public office unless they can admit to making a mistake. Well, I made a big one and I profoundly apologize for it.

My equating The Tribune’s use of the word NIMBY with the N-word was wrong and The Tribune was right to call me on it. The depth of indignity suffered by African-Americans does not come close to marginalizing someone by calling them a NIMBY.

But perhaps The Tribune also owes its readers an apology. What our state Legislature is doing to our cities in usurping local control in land development decisions should not be meekly accepted by our City Council or The Tribune. When it comes to land use, we are watching our state government transform from a representative democracy into an autocracy.

If we’re to protect San Luis Obispo’s quality of life, its small-town character and open spaces, we must work around, or where needed to fight the tyranny of state laws that would turn the town we love into “Anyplace USA.”

T. Keith Gurnee, San Luis Obispo

Editor’s note: Gurnee is a candidate for mayor of San Luis Obispo

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