Letters to the Editor

We’re hearing the same old White House lies

I read with amusement the June 16 letter to the editor by Mr. Allen Litten making several unproven allegations regarding the election of Mr. Trump. Some while back I sent a letter to the editor noting the Affordable Care Act capped administrative costs insurance companies could charge at 22 percent, whereas, they were previously charging over 30 percent. In an e-mail from The Tribune I was asked were I acquired those facts, but because I couldn’t find that stat my letter was rejected. Logic will tell you if the costs were capped at 22 percent the administrative costs they were charging must have been higher than 22 percent.

Mr. Litten is spewing the lies propagated by the current administration regarding the Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The CIA, FBI, NSA and the Director of National Intelligence, overseer of 17 intelligence agencies, have come to the conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to the benefit of Trump. Russia is currently conducting the same campaign for the 2018 mid-terms. Further, the Inspector General report cited by Litten doesn’t prove the lie to which he refers, i.e., Democrats took criminal actions to subvert Trump’s election, boilerplate White House lies. Did The Tribune check Mr. Litten’s assertions before printing his letter?

Bill Tkach, Paso Robles