Letters to the Editor

Rejection of Community Choice Energy is astonishing

Republicans must be terrified by the prospect of learning the truth.

That’s the only conclusion one can draw from the astonishing news that the Republican majority on the SLO County Board of Supervisors — Lynn Compton, Debbie Arnold and John Peschong — used their power to veto further exploration of the fiscal implications of adopting a countywide Community Choice Energy program.

It is truly ironic that The Tribune featured an article describing Cal Poly’s creation of a solar farm that will supply 25 percent of the university’s energy needs on the same day this backwards-looking decision was reported by Andrew Christie in a separate Tribune Viewpoint.

On the other hand, this decision underscores the fact that Compton, Arnold and Peschong are faithfully following their own leader, Donald Trump, whose denial of facts is already legendary in its sociopathic scope.

Fortunately, we also have the local leadership example of Heidi Harmon and the city of San Luis Obispo, who have chosen to continue to examine the feasibility of a CCE program for our citizens. The truth — locally and nationally — will come out. So let Arnold, Compton and Peschong drive their model-T version of leadership back to the 19th century. This year the voters will have their chance to choose.

Bob Pelfrey, San Luis Obispo