Letters to the Editor

Trump’s ‘accomplishments’ cited by letter writer are bogus

Ralph Bush (Letters, Jan. 4) might just as well have included Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown in his list of Trump achievements for logically, if Trump owns the current economy, he also owns the successes and problems that predate him, in which case the decline of military readiness and defense industry failures (e.g. F-15, F-35, Railgun, Zumwalts) also sit upon his desk.

The jobs Trump “saved” were eliminated or sent to Mexico just six months later, yet employment tax credits remain in place. Trump owns that, as well as rising health care costs and accelerated economic disparity. If U.S. international standing has improved under Trump, then by all measure divorce improves marriage.

In respect to voting fraud, the thumbprints Mr. Trump and associates may be placing on prison blotters are more important than those of voters.

Citing advocacy publications like the Chicago City Wire as a basis for insisting voters be treated like criminals and polling places become something akin to TSA lines is insulting.

Bradley Zane, Cambria