Letters to the Editor

Mobile home zone could be the answer for SLO housing issues

Ms. Ruth Starr’s suggestion regarding increasing the amount of affordable housing is well taken (“We need manufactured homes to create more affordable housing,” Aug. 28). It should be noted, however, that the option of manufactured homes has been placed before varying Boards of Supervisors without success for many years, mainly because of a dissemination of rampant disinformation concerning the costs of building mobile home parks.

Nevertheless, there is something that can be done in a relatively short time to help the situation. (At the mobile home park conversion hearings of a decade ago, it was stated by a senior county staff member that such an ordinance could be formulated and put before the Planning Commission in four months or less.)

Establish a new zoning category for all mobile home parks in our unincorporated areas: Mobile Home Park Residential, thus adding an additional layer of protection against conversion of the parks to other uses and/or types of housing.

Currently the financial standards for conversion enacted by the board around 10 years ago are the mobile home park’s only protection and those are rapidly becoming irrelevant due to our fulminating real estate values.

Hugh M. Gilson, Oceano