Letters to the Editor

Those darn liberals …

Careful there, Ed Bogusch, lest people should think of your pronouncements (“Baby boomer wonders what it’s like being a liberal Democrat,” June 29) as those of an ignoramus conservative Republican.

I am indeed a Democrat. I am also a foreigner. By your logic, I must be also a murderer and a rapist.

I do not write to change your mind — on the contrary, I am sure you are well indoctrinated and entrenched in your beliefs. I write instead to reassure you that as a liberal, while far from “sponging off my fellow citizens,” I consider it more than fair to pay my fair share of taxes, and that I find it very brotherly and humane to assist those in need. After all, the, rich, the conservatives, the Republicans, don’t seem to care at all about those trampled by adversity.

Joseph Codispoti, Los Osos