Letters to the Editor

San Luis Ranch project offers housing in SLO for future generations

San Luis Ranch rendering.
San Luis Ranch rendering.

Regarding San Luis Ranch, I want to emphasize several key points. First, San Luis Obispo desperately needs the kind of workforce housing this project offers. We need to get it into the hands of the workforce and keep it there, which the developer is making provisions to do. I meet with clients every day who would benefit by this project being realized.

That leads to the environmental and traffic benefit of fewer people commuting into San Luis Obispo each day. The opportunity to create a zero net carbon development is outstanding and needed. This has social and economic benefit in addition to benefitting the environment.

I have a 22-year-old son and a 27-year-old daughter who have both graduated from college, which feels like a home run as a parent. They both want to be able to stay in this area to live, work and eventually raise families in a sustainable environment.

If we do not bring this project and others like it online soon, there will be no space for my kids and others of their generation. We are truly talking about opportunities for living here for generations into the future.

Kevin Hauber, San Luis Obispo