Letters to the Editor

Yes, it is a stupid time to live in America — but Trump is the reason

Regarding Larry Bargenquast’s letter (“Never Trumpers are making this a stupid time to live in America,” May 28), Larry is absolutely correct: “This truly is a stupid time to live in America.” Improving health care, lowering taxes, eliminating terrorism and dealing with illegal immigration, as Larry says, are reasonable propositions.

But Larry, you’re smart enough to realize how much more successful the GOP would be in addressing these problems if they had a reasonable, honest, mature person leading the efforts to deal with these issues.

Instead we are stuck with an incompetent man not fit to be president, an immoral pathological liar who relies on fake news and “alternative facts” to maintain his narcissistic view of the world. The “frenzied anti-Trump orthodoxy” you cited is just a logical response of any patriot when witnessing an assault on truth, reason, a free press and America’s standing as a leader of the free world.

Yes, Larry, this truly is a stupid time in America and it starts at the top with a “leader” stuck in adolescence. Intelligent, patriotic Americans will continue to resist him until we get someone smart in office that is not an embarrassment and a laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Dean Thompson, Los Osos