Letters to the Editor

Americans have been overpaying for Mexican goods for years

I would like to reply to Doug Perrin on his letter about import tax same as paying for the wall (“Isn’t a tax on Mexican imports the same as Americans paying for wall?” Feb. 11). Doug, I’m not smarter than you and probably not as smart, but you have been paying for that wall for a long time and don’t realize it.

Suppose a company in the U.S. makes hammers and it costs them $20 to make one here, so they send them to Mexico and the cost there is only $5. When they sell that hammer do you think they sell it based on their cost of $5? They sell it based on “Made in the U.S.A.” costs in a factory that pays union wages and benefits. That huge profit goes to pay those outrageous salaries and benefits that the CEO makes.

P.S. Most countries in the world charge an import tax on goods made in the USA and brought into their country.

Jim Paglia, Atascadero