Letters to the Editor

Thanks to SLO County supervisors and House Republicans for environmental support

Though some folks may take comfort in our president’s approach to climate change — just deny it exists and you won’t have to worry — the rest of us can find a glimmer of hope in this news from Washington.

Recently, 17 Republican congressional representatives shook free from the head of their party’s mad denial and introduced a resolution in the House acknowledging the impacts of climate change “that are expected to worsen in every region of the United States” and that calls for mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Is it possible that their realism and courage will begin to burn off the fog and allow Congress to start work emancipating us from antiquated fossil fuel-based technology?

Thanks to the San Luis Obispo County supervisors who also threw off partisan blinders and voted to move our county in that direction by preventing Phillips 66 from expanding their operations in the Nipomo Dunes. I urge them to take the next step by joining the city councils of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay in supporting national revenue-neutral, carbon fee-and-dividend legislation, the only way to really save our climate.

Steven Marx, San Luis Obispo