Letters to the Editor

SLO County’s John Peschong is our own local version of Trump

John Peschong
John Peschong jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Two recent articles have brought home the reality that San Luis Obispo County has its own version of Donald Trump — namely, John Peschong and his henchwomen Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold. The first article was Bruce Gibson’s Feb. 2 Viewpoint on the new era of pettiness exhibited by alt-right ideologue Peschong: First he usurps the Board of Supervisors chairmanship, then he unilaterally places his repugnant cronies on all the boards of important agencies and organizations where SLO is represented.

The second article was Feb. 7’s Board of Supervisors 3-2 vote on the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Mentioned was that the testimony was two-to-one for the sanctuary but, still, they voted against it. So much for majority rules.

What can we expect in the future from our “esteemed” alt-right Board of Supervisors majority? Offshore oil drilling? Wall-to-wall hotels along the coast restricting beach access? Exponential growth sucking up all the groundwater from residents? Clear-cutting acres of oaks in the county for the sake of rich Southern California corporate buddies? Oil trains running through the county at all hours of the day and night? Beach erosion caused by undeniable climate change?

So, what do we do? Time to organize and resist. Remember, the world is run by those who show up!

Ron Harben, Arroyo Grande