Letters to the Editor

Where’s the real news, Tribune?

The Tribune office on South Higuera Street.
The Tribune office on South Higuera Street. bdugan@thetribunenews.com

This is my first, last and only letter to the editor. As a reader of The Tribune for over 50 years, I have lost sleep venting repressed disgust and frustration with our local newspaper.

Content appears to be subject to whatever printed matter is cheapest to lower production costs. These include local law enforcement and judicial releases, legals, recipes, weather, political controversies and other “filler material.” Where are national and world stories — true news — to be found?

The Tribune’s Editorial Board is totally dysfunctional and politically one-sided. The all-time worst national contributor is Leonard Pitts Jr. Pitts is the pits. Another national contributor of dubious distinction is Paul Krugman. Also Joe Tarica, whose topics and opinions possibly only he understands, leaves much to be desired. Local contributor Tom Fulks is off the charts.

Exceptions include Dan Krieger, John Lindsey and David Middlecamp, who are all first class.

Lack of quality throughout The Tribune is obvious. Items including ink, print size and format spacing, more and larger pictures including those on the front page, are nothing more than ways to reduce print space. The next downgrade will probably include adding some small rocks to the wrapper to prevent the wind from blowing it away!

Unfortunately, management is working with an unbalanced, broken model. The paper’s readership is made up of not only city and college people, but also rural residents whose political leanings are diverse and are not being addressed.

Vard Roemer, Nipomo