Letters to the Editor

Eliminating safe, legal abortions isn’t pro-life because women die

All my adult life I have been pro-choice. However, this adjective wrongly describes me. Adolf Czech (“The real war is on the unborn,” Feb. 13), states, “The ‘war’ waged by the pro-life movement ... kills nobody” — but this is untrue. When legal, safe abortions are eliminated, women die. This fact is evident whenever the the global gag rule is reinstated. This describes anti-abortion, not pro-life. Anti-abortion advocates don’t want pregnancies terminated, and lack commitment to every child being fed, housed and educated.

Nationally, abortions are at a historically low rate, as is the teen pregnancy rate. Guttmacher reports support this data (www.guttmacher.org). This low abortion rate is not attributed to abortion restrictions. It is attributed to implementation of evidence-based sexual health programs for youth (delaying sexual debut and improving contraception use) along with access to free contraception (serving men, too) provided by Obamacare. Yes! I want every baby to be a wanted baby!

Dear anti-abortion protesters: Please redirect this protest energy to volunteering; supporting food, housing and education programs for our children; encouraging youth to delay sexual debut and use contraception. Now this is pro-life!

Diane Glaser, Shell Beach