Letters to the Editor

Arroyo Grande should fix the mess caused by Brisco Road ramps


Lynn Parks of Oceano wrote a letter to the editor about the Brisco ramps reopening and the chaos it is causing (“Brisco ramps reopen, and Arroyo Grande traffic is chaos again,” Feb. 25). For about a year, these ramps were closed in that area and the traffic flowed smoothly.

Why do we need three ramps so close together in Arroyo Grande? Do we really need a ramp in between Grand Avenue and Oak Park off-ramp? These ramps are only 1 mile apart.

There is a traffic accident waiting to happen with the Brisco ramps open. For instance, there is no left-hand turn light for people turning left from El Camino Real to Brisco Road. It can be dangerous. Sometimes I have to wait two or three green lights before I can make my turn. What about only three lanes under the bridge?

I looked up Arroyo Grande city’s records, and it seems that this mess will not be fixed until 2020-21 with more studies and approval from Cal Trans done in the meantime. The problem with Brisco Road has been going on too long, money not well spent, and our town is growing too fast.

Sue Mongillo, Arroyo Grande