Letters to the Editor

Anti-immigrant rhetoric is hurtful to Paso Robles student

Regarding the recent “Day Without Immigrants” on Feb. 16, I believe the event was a success. Many schools throughout San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County reported absent students of all grades. At my high school in Paso Robles, there was a peaceful protest Feb. 16 showing love to our hard-working immigrants in our country. One student tweeted: “I seriously cannot comprehend how people can think another human being is illegal.”

Although many in the community opposed the protest, we know we were heard and successful. The ensuing debate is breaking friendships and provoking unpeaceful protests. The anti-immigrant sentiment hurts me, because it is breaking up families and vacating jobs only hard-working immigrants are willing to do. As a Latino, it hurts me to be called “an alien,” as though we were not from this world and don’t belong.

If only our president would put forth effort to show that we all are one and that together we are stronger, then perhaps we will see positive change in the years ahead.

Anthony Dominguez, Paso Robles High School