Letters to the Editor

Home loan for San Luis Coastal superintendent Eric Prater is wrong

San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater.
San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater. Tribune file photo

Offering the San Luis Coastal superintendent a home loan, no matter how qualified he is, is simply wrong and unfair. Did the board offer home loans to their best custodian, cook, secretary or teacher?

Your superintendent earns $215,000 annually, plus benefits. He should easily qualify for a traditional home loan on his own! He should be embarrassed asking for help and accepting it.

It seems Eric Prater took advantage of a grateful board. Not only is asking for the loan unethical and wrong, but the interest rate is much lower than he could get with a traditional loan.

I know the board is made up of sincere, hard-working, honest people like most board members in the state. However, did any board member say, “Should we be doing this? Is this right for our students, parents and employees?”

When the board president spoke on the issue, you could see the awe she has for Dr. Prater, and maybe he is awesome. She seemed to be describing a being coming down from Mount Olympus and saving us from the Kraken.

We should ask the board and Dr. Prater to reconsider their decision and rescind it, please. This action taints the accomplishments of both. No superintendent should receive preferential treatment not offered to others.

Do the honorable thing.

Bob Hatmaker, Arroyo Grande