Letters to the Editor

What Matthew Hoy gets wrong about his ‘Top 10’ annoying stories

Columnist Matthew Hoy
Columnist Matthew Hoy dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Matthew “Pinhead” Hoy (conservatives like to use derogatory names to amuse their simple-minded followers) would have us believe that Donald Trump is the legitimate winner because there was no gerrymandering or voter suppression in the red states that he won (“The Top 10 most annoying stories of 2016,” Jan. 7).

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a lie? Prove it!

Milo Yiannopoulos can spread his hate speech on Breitbart all he wants. He shouldn’t be allowed to legitimize his hate spewing propaganda at our prestigious university on my dime, by a cowardly administration. He has nothing constructive to contribute to society and is too much of a coward to consent to an open discussion format like the speakers against Harris Ranch were forced to.

Hoy hasn’t heard about the innovative new batteries that will store sufficient renewable energy during off hours to power MacBook Airs at night. They should be online by 2025. Some 10,000 years before the Diablo Canyon waste dissipates.

As far as the rental inspection program, even its detractors admit that in a city where 65 percent of the residential housing is rentals (hence the high housing costs) some type of inspection to ensure the safety of these business entities is needed. A full repeal of the ordinance is a win for slumlords.

Terry Mohan, San Luis Obispo