Letters to the Editor

Questions surrounding fatal Grover Beach dog attack

David Fear and Terry, his partner of 25 years.
David Fear and Terry, his partner of 25 years.

I have been reading the horrible details as they come out about the fatal dog attack in Grover Beach. First off, my sincere condolences to the Fear family for their loss and the Long family for the long recovery ahead for Betty.

I have a couple of questions: First, what happened to Betty Long’s dog that she was walking when the attack happened? I hope he/she is doing well. I can only imagine that those two loose dogs were going after the little dog when the humans stepped in to help and were subsequently attacked by the dogs? Again, only guessing.

Secondly, why were those dogs running loose? This is my greatest fear every time I take my leashed dog for a walk — that we will be confronted by loose dogs. There just isn’t any excuse in the world for dogs running loose; they pose a threat to animals, humans and vehicles that could have an accident trying to avoid hitting them. Personally, the dogs’ owner’s name was not important, but the subsequent consequences for his dogs’ actions are.

T. Doerr, San Luis Obispo