Letters to the Editor

PG&E doesn’t owe SLO County anything

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant
Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Tribune: Rape by any other name is still just plain rape. $85 million from PG&E for San Luis Obispo cities and county?

For decades, the Bill Denneens, Jane Swansons and other Mothers have harassed, antagonized, lawyered and denounced the Diablo Canyon Power generation facility. The Tribune regularly selects Denneen’s tirades for publication. It is my opinion that no one in this community should bask in the glory and benefit from Diablo’s closure. Asking for or accepting this windfall would the best example of hypocrisy.

PG&E has no obligation to be nice to locals who want to see dedicated, educated, conscientious and hardworking men and women run out of town. PG&E has every right to just walk and never look back.

Roy Cinowalt, Arroyo Grande