Grover Beach made the right choice by ditching the pot ‘business district’


A proposal to create a single marijuana business district in Grover Beach went up in smoke this week when the City Council ditched the idea. For that smart move, we offer the council a big bouquet of beachgrass.

Confining cannabis businesses to a 70-acre industrial zone might have proven convenient for customers, but it had the potential to forever change the character of the neighborhood.

As an alternative, the council asked staff to draft a new ordinance that will allow pot shops, nurseries and other cannabis-related businesses in any industrially zoned area.

The change means the city will have to restart the approval process. Even so, Grover Beach is farther along in planning for the implementation of Proposition 64 — the voter measure that legalized pot for recreational use — than many other communities.

So far, it’s the only jurisdiction in San Luis Obispo County to approve a marijuana tax, which is expected to generate as much as $2 million per year for Grover Beach. That should fill a lot of potholes in a city that’s struggled to keep its streets paved. Might not be a bad idea for SLO County to consider.