Arroyo Grande: Scandaltown, U.S.A.?

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill.
Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

We’re not quite sure which cliché applies here: What goes around comes around? Or loose lips sink ships?

And no, we’re not talking about D.C. politics right now.

We’re sticking closer to home, where Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill, who was elected as a write-in candidate in the wake of a scandal involving a former city administrator, now is embroiled in his own front-page-headline-making scandal.

Hill is accused of violating the Brown Act; among other allegations, he’s accused of discussing confidential, closed-session business at restaurants and with the news media, and of sharing a city email password with his wife.

Hill denies the allegations, but to protect the city from liability, the four other council members agreed Tuesday to set aside $15,000 for an independent investigation.

Councilman Tim Brown explained the decision thusly: “The harsh reality is when a public official is accused of something, it’s not kumbaya.”

(Maybe we’re just partial to quotes that contain “kumbaya,” but we’re tossing Brown a quote-of-the-week bouquet for waxing eloquent.)

The investigation did not sit well with Hill’s supporters, including — wait for it — Julie Tacker of Los Osos, who accused the accusers of being out to destroy Hill’s good name.

Tacker is a former Los Osos Community Services District director with a reputation for stirring things up. She adds a dash of drama wherever she goes, but we’ve got to ask: Can’t the good people of Arroyo Grande be trusted to take care of their own business?

Isn’t there enough going on in Los Osos to keep you busy? No? Then why not check out San Luis Obispo, where there’s that whole firefighters-as-sex-symbols-video thing going on?

Give A.G. a rest, and in the spirit of kumbaya, we’ll send you a bouquet.

As for Hill (remember it’s Jim, not Adam), we’re keeping our brickbat powder dry (if that’s possible in all this rain) until the investigation is concluded.

For now, our (loose) lips are sealed.