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A fresh look in print and online

The Tribune has a new look in print and online.
The Tribune has a new look in print and online.

Dear readers,

Beginning today, we’ve given The Tribune’s newspaper and website,, a makeover to offer quicker reads on local stories and a fresh look.

In the newspaper, you’ll notice the use of color in our features, Sports and Insight section names. You’ll find new typefaces and a bit more white space, all intended to make the pages easy to read. You also may notice a few more promos on the front page to stories inside.

For those who read The Tribune on their smartphone, iPad or computer, you’ll find that our videos and informational graphics are easier to spot — and better integrated into the stories they accompany. Photos are bigger. And there’s improved navigation, easier-to-read type and faster load times.

Moreover, the website is now responsive, meaning that the new format automatically adapts to your screen size — a clear improvement.

These changes — along with the new section called Insight that we introduced in June to offer more in-depth stories on local, state, national and world issues — are underway at McClatchy-owned newspapers nationwide to address the needs of both our print readers and growing digital audience.

Typically, digital readers expect news updates throughout the day, and print readers have more time to explore topics in depth. Yet both want summaries of stories they can skim quickly to get the key facts — and more background, details and analysis if they seek to learn more.

As always, we will refine our new design in the months ahead.

We understand that it may take time to adjust to all of our recent changes, which are designed to keep pace with reader demands.

What isn’t changing, however, is our commitment to be your trusted source of news and information on all platforms — in print, on your desktop computer, or on your smartphone or tablet — offering a full mix of local, state, national and world news. That includes award-winning investigative and watchdog journalism that only The Tribune can provide.


Many thanks to the 100 readers who shared their thoughts on our revamped entertainment page.

We’ve listened!

As you know, we restored the popular Super Quiz almost immediately and, this past Monday, we slightly increased the size of Sudoku and Jumble.

Next Monday, we’ll bring back the old crossword puzzle, favored by many readers for its ease of use, and drop the current one. Because the old crossword puzzle is bigger, we plan to drop the bridge column to make room for it. Given that only two people commented on the bridge column — and one said that it is outdated — we believe that crossword lovers well outnumber bridge players, at least those who depend on the column!

Tell us what you think. Contact us at 1-800-288-4128 or give us your feedback at

And thanks again for your loyal readership.

Sandra Duerr is the executive editor of The Tribune