Alleged assault by ex-Poly coach at Pismo bar detailed

Randy Hanson, 44, was arrested Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Original story »
Randy Hanson, 44, was arrested Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Original story »

A former Cal Poly assistant football coach charged with assault was “crazy drunk” when, for no apparent reason, he smashed a beer bottle into the face of a man he’d partied with, the alleged victim told police.

The accused ex-coach, Randy Hanson, 44, resigned from his position at Cal Poly on Aug. 17.

Hanson was arrested earlier this month and has been charged with two felonies — assault with a deadly weapon and battery with serious bodily injury — in connection with the alleged Aug. 4 attack.

Hanson’s arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 5 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court before Judge Michael Duffy.

Names of witnesses are redacted in the Pismo Beach Police Department report that lays out the sequence of events, according to the alleged victim and other witnesses who were with Hanson and his friends in the hours leading up to his arrest. The report states the following:

Hanson and his friends had played in a golf tournament Aug. 3 and then went to Mr. Rick’s bar in Avila Beach afterward.

While at Mr. Rick’s, Hanson and three friends asked the bartender about a limousine to take them to a bar in Pismo Beach, and the alleged victim, who worked in the local limousine service industry, helped them secure a limo.

As a gesture of appreciation, Hanson invited the man to join him, and the man brought along a group of his own, including his wife. The man, whose name is redacted in the police report, didn’t know Hanson or his group before that day.

The two groups rode together in the same limo to Harry’s Night Club and Beach Bar around 9:30 p.m. and “didn’t have any problems” on the ride or throughout most of the night, according to the alleged victim and his group.

During the drive, Hanson’s group stopped to buy beer at a liquor store before proceeding to Harry’s.

After a few hours at the bar, the alleged victim checked on an intoxicated man in his group who’d stayed in the limo to sleep. Then he started to return to Harry’s about 1 a.m. when he saw Hanson and some of the others, including his wife, leaving the bar.

Hanson got into the limo, but blocked the door. The alleged victim touched Hanson on his back and asked him to move over so other people could get in.

“(The alleged victim) said before he knew it something smashed him in the face and he took a couple of steps backwards,” the report states. When police asked the man why Hanson struck him with a beer bottle, he responded that he was “crazy drunk.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, the man said Hanson was a “7” in terms of intoxication while the victim gauged himself as a “3.” Another witness described Hanson’s intoxication as a “10,” however, and said he was “falling down on the dance floor.”

After the blow, witnesses said Hanson locked the door to the limo and wouldn’t let anyone in.

Hanson shouted profanities as he pressed his foot against the limo’s door, a witness said, and yelled, “I am not going to open this (expletive) door, (expletive) you, you (expletive).”

Another man who was part of the overall group pounded on the doors outside the limo and shouted profanities at Hanson, ordering him “to open the doors if he wanted to fight like a real man.”

Police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested Hanson. The victim was treated at French Hospital Medical Center for a concussion and a broken nose, he said.

Hanson’s version of the events is not detailed in the police narrative.

Hanson previously was at the center of a controversy involving former Oakland Raiders Coach Tom Cable.

As an assistant coach with the Raiders in 2009, Hanson claimed Cable threw him from a chair and into a piece of furniture, breaking his jaw. Cable denied the allegations days afterward, saying, “Nothing happened.” Napa County’s district attorney chose not to file criminal charges against Cable.

Hanson was hired to become the Mustangs’ defensive backs coach in April and worked with players in spring football. But following the arrest in Pismo Beach, he was suspended indefinitely Aug. 6 before he resigned 11 days later.

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