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New president takes over Cambria youth sports association

Robin Salin, a mother of three children, including a baby born earlier in June, is the new president of the Cambria Youth Athletic Association (CYAA), taking over from former president Gary Stephenson, who held the leadership position for seven years.

Born and raised in Cambria — and a participant in CYAA sports as a child here — Salin saw an article seeking new board members in the Cambrian some months ago and decided to get involved.

She has only been in her new position for a month, but she has ideas as to how her leadership may impact youths interested in playing sports in Cambria. She recently found it difficult to get information about how her 5-year-old son could get involved in T-ball, and that led to her current vision about new approaches to participation she feels need to be made.

“I want to see more presence in the community for CYAA. It seems like people can’t find out where to get information. I don’t think the sports are being marketed in the right places, especially for the very younger age groups.

“If they start young enough, then they’ll want to participate as they grow older. So if they can get the information they need when they’re younger, and start then, I think it will be helpful,” Salin explained.

She noted that a CYAA banner is placed at Santa Lucia Middle School, but believes it might be better to have it placed at the Cambria Grammar School — or in a strategic location on Main Street in the East or West Village.

If they start young enough, then they’ll want to participate as they grow older.

Robin Salin, CYAA president

When Salin played CYAA sports 30 years ago, the only activities available were basketball and soccer. She played basketball, and “It’s come a long way since then, but we just finished T-ball and I know they didn’t have enough kids signing up.”

Meantime Salin and the CYAA group are working toward reviving a promotion that hasn’t been implemented for several years, the Pier to Point 10K. She said that, because of insurance issues, it is difficult to gain permission from Hearst Ranch to allow the runners to trek on Hearst property.

The Friends of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve seem to be much more open” to allowing that 10K fundraiser on the Ranch, she said, and the CYAA is working towards that end for a possible run this July.

Also, Salin hopes the CYAA can put together a float in the Pinedorado Parade this year, and is working toward having a booth at the Pinedorado event.

“We’re putting together volunteers to work at the booth,” she said, which will also help raise funds to pay for programs.

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Soccer sign-ups

The Cambria Youth Athletic Association has announced that youths ages 4 through 18 can sign up for the September soccer programs in Cambria.

According to Chris Gutierrez, the cost is $60, and players can sign up at the Cambria General Store, 850 Main St. in the West Village, through June.

Further information is available by phoning Gutierrez, 805-909-7806