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Boys volleyball offered for first time at Coast Union High

Coast Union High School volleyball coach Pam Kenyon.
Coast Union High School volleyball coach Pam Kenyon.

Boys volleyball is being be offered for the first time in Coast Union High School history.

It will replace boys tennis this spring, which had seen a decline in participation numbers. Only three boys showed up at a recent interest meeting.

The meeting boys volleyball drew 22 boys — and there 15 members of the team as of Monday, Feb. 4.

Athletic Director Andrew Crosby announced that longtime girls volleyball coach, Pam Kenyon, will mentor the boys. Kenyon, also a science teacher, has had consistent success with girls volleyball over the past 28 years at Coast Union.

Asked about any potential difference between coaching boys as contrasted with girls, Kenyon explained that because girls have been playing volleyball for many years at Coast Union, she only spends limited time with basics “before we can more or less master the skills and move on.”

But because the Bronco boys are just being introduced to the sport, Kenyon will need more time to help them develop basic skills “before we can move on” to strategies and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the sport.

Also, Kenyon continued, the boys game is different. The boys’ game “is more of a powerful hitting and blocking game than the longer rallies you can get in girls volleyball.”

The first home game is set 4 p.m. Feb. 19 against Coastal Christian.