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Laguna Blanca blanks Coast Union boys 6-0 on soccer field

Venerable boys varsity soccer coach Luis Plasencia has always been straightforward when discussing his team’s high and lows with The Cambrian. And after his team traveled to Santa Barbara to play the Laguna Blanca Owls on Wednesday, Jan. 11, and was shut out 6-0, Plasencia said, “It looked like we had never practiced before.”

“It seemed like the kids had lost the game before we even started,” he said. “Mentally, it was bad, because since the beginning of the game we were thinking that we were going to lose.”

Once the game was underway, the Broncos created “a couple opportunities,” but didn’t finish them. The Owls then pressured Coast Union and quickly scored one goal, then another, and the coach said, “That was it for Coast boys. … They could not compete with Laguna’s passing.”

The Owls were fully aware that the Broncos were intimidated, and it was like Laguna Blanca was playing and Coast Union was “watching,” the coach continued.

Plasencia had one day of practice, Monday, Jan. 16, before taking his team to play McFarland in the San Joaquin Valley, but that scheduled match was canceled.