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Cambrian letters to the editor, June 22, 2017

The Pinedorado Grounds will host this year’s Fourth of July Cambria Connection festivities, thanks to the Lions Club.
The Pinedorado Grounds will host this year’s Fourth of July Cambria Connection festivities, thanks to the Lions Club.

July 4 thanks to Lions Club

The Cambria Connection would like to express its deep appreciation to the Cambria Lions Club for its generous donation of the use of the Pinedorado Grounds for this year’s July 4 free Community Barbecue. This generous donation will allow us to expand our celebration and better serve the entire community with more space and plenty of nearby parking and, of course, great barbecue!

Since its inception, the Connection’s Fourth of July free barbecue and potluck has served more than 600 meals to the community to celebrate our nation’s birthday. We supply the hot dogs and hamburgers and all the fixings, as well as desert and drinks. Bring a potluck dish if you want.

This year we will again have great live music, games and dancing. We welcome families and children. The alcohol free event will be from 1 to 4 p.m. July 4 on the Pinedorado Grounds.

Stevan Rosenlind, The Cambria Connection

Don’t toss dog waste bags aside

In response to Barbara Lee’s response (June 8) to Jo Ellen Butler’s column about dogs on the local trails, litter is litter, no matter the intent. As much as we love taking our three pooches on the trails, we dislike carrying used dog waste bags, but we carry them throughout the walk until we reach a waste bin.

When we see someone’s dog bag sitting on the side of a trail, we have no idea if the “owner” of the bag is coming back sometime soon to retrieve it or the bag has been deserted.

Typically, if a waste bin is not too far away, we will pick it up and dispose of it. Otherwise, we do not cherish the idea of walking the trails for an hour or so with someone else’s poop bag, so we leave it hoping the “owner” will return soon and dispose of it.

Also, not everyone out there is a dog owner — they too should not endure other people’s conveniences.

Bottom line: litter is litter, even well-intended dog bags.

Randy and Mary Schwalbe, Cambria

Finish permitting for water plant

As the summer weather finally dries Cambria out, it is worthwhile to remember that our rainfall is cyclical. We’ll surely have more dry years following wet ones.

It is for this reason that we should be grateful that we have an operating water treatment plant in place. Completing the EIR for its permanent operation would allow the community to move on to the next chapter. Of course all environmental concerns need to be addressed, but that should not be insurmountable.

That next chapter should include a greater focus on operations and financial performance. There is no doubt that working through the many regulatory challenges for the current plant and the prior solutions has been taxing for a relatively small agency. Completing the permitting process should free up valuable staff time that is clearly needed to improve district operations.

At the same time a permanent plant would allow the district to lift its longstanding moratorium. Modest, limited growth consistent with the county’s Growth Management Ordinance will strengthen the district’s finances, bring new blood to the community and support local businesses and tradespeople.

Paul McDonnell, Cambria

Life Alert fundraiser dinner a big success

A big thank you from the “CAN” Board of Directors. The Cambria Anonymous Neighbors funderaising dinner became a project involving many in our community.

The evening (June 10) was a big success! The Cookie Crock made it all possible by donating most of the food. We raised more than $4,400 toward the purchase of 26 Life Alert Bracelets.

We so appreciate the wonderful appetizers provided by Indigo Moon and Robin’s. Linn’s Bakery donated its signature Ollaliberry Cream Cake to top off the wonderful meal.

Thank you to Lorienne Schwenk of the “The Singing Kitchen” for coordinating the meal. The wine was donated by Harmony Cellars, Moonstone, Gutruzzola Winery and the Rightmer family.

Tish Rogers and Paul Nakane created the beautiful scenery and scenery frames. It was literally the hit of the show!

Our technical crew consisted of members from the Cambria Pickleball Club who skillfully assisted in many necessary tasks.

Our actors, Mark Kramer and Randall Lyon, did a terrific job and worked tirelessly perfecting their lines. A big thanks also goes to Don Dallman for his direction and making the play come together.

We appreciate CCSD for helping us keep the cost down and the Health Care District paramedics for their enthusiasm as they served the food to the audience.

We deeply appreciate Cambria Hardware for the materials they donated.

Both the Cambrian and KTEA 103.5 Radio were instrumental in publicizing the sold out event.

There were many other volunteers who donated their time and energy.

We could not have been successful without everyone’s involvement in this most worthy cause. Thanks again.

Robert Kelley, coordinator

Tanner’s story on pool is highlight

Just a note to tell you your Neptune Pool renovation article in today’s paper was the highlight of my Sunday morning reading ritual.

I knew the pool was empty and being repaired but had no idea of the cost and commitment by the many players involved.

Your detail of the process and descriptions of the personal commitment by the restoration and State Park staff was fabulous.

Spotlighting things like the process for just wrangling the stone tiles up the hill was fascinating reading. I hope State Park staff develop a permanent display of photos and commentary about this massive project, that’s right in our backyard, for the Castle Visitors Center; it would give visitors a greater appreciation when gazing at the completed project during their hill tours.

Thank you for your always interesting journalism.

Diane Stalker-Hood, Cambria

Cioppini Dinner a wonderful success

Cambria Did It Again! SOLD OUT! Thank you to Robert Kelly and wife Lu-Ann for their tireless efforts toward making the Cioppini Dinner and program “Crossing the California High Sierras” a wonderful success.

Katie Kelly graced us with her beautiful national anthem, which was breathtaking. All of this was also made possible by the countless local businesses donations of food, supplies and services, plus the many volunteers who gave so much of their time to this effort.

The monies made will be given toward the life alert type buttons for seniors needing this assistance.

Thank you, Cambrians, for your unfailing support!

Doug Spelts, president, CAN