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Cambria celebrates Youth Art Show

Nearly 500 people jammed the Cambria Center for the Arts Friday, March 15, for the opening of the fourth annual Youth Art Show.

The public gala featured live entertainment by students in the center theater, including: Cambria Grammar School YMCA campers; Alex Zaragoza of Coast Union High School Drama; Mollie Basile; Tiffany Stephens and Suzie Belton; Evan Wright; the Santa Lucia Middle School After-School Academy Improv Team, directed by Shawna Volpa; Morgan May; Andrew Paiz; Tori Ehlers; Jacob Wright and the Coast Union High School Band.

The art show remains on display through Sunday, March 31. The gallery at 1350 Main St. is open 1 to 4 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Ribbons for two-dimensional art were awarded to:

Kindergarten: 1, Hailey (surname not provided); 2, Taylor Milbrath; 3, Vzia Romo; honorable mention, Bridget Molina, Tanna Tartaglia and Diego Castillo.

First grade: 1, Jack May; 2, Coral Elrod; 3, Ramses Garcia; honorable mention, Emma Wharton, Estrella Merced and Izabella Hernandez.

Second grade: 1, Alex Merced; 2, Luis Esparza; 3, Autumn Beveridge; honorable mention, Eli Linn, Elizabeth Reed, and Yara Martinez.

Third grade: 1, Riley Goldstein; 2, Rory Cloward; 3, Cadence Elrod; honorable mention, Alex Mercado, Emiliano Peña, Faith De La Cruz and Jaqueline Bonilla.

Fourth grade: 1, Owen Gress; 2, Laisha De Alba; 3, Sami Favila; honorable mention, Crystal Fabela and Ruby Villers.

Fifth grade: 1, Spencer Magnuson; 2, DJ Cashdan; 3, Javier Garcia; honorable mention, India Page, Denise Nunez and Nate Markham.

Sixth grade: 1, Pamela Hernandez; 2, Natalie Negley; 3, Maximillian Levin; honorable mention, Cameron Castle and Carlos Plummer.

Seventh grade: 1, Mason Smith; 2, Chase Volz; 3, Zoe MacTavish; honorable mention, Martha Gomez.

Eighth grade: 1, Nicola Barth; 2, Cameryn Tatham; 3, Maria Castaneda; honorable mention, Alam Ramirez and Grace Jones.

Freshmen: 1, Emily White; 2, Priscilla Mendoza; 3, Liam Taylor; honorable mention, Rebeca Tavera.

Sophomores: 1, Tristan Evans; 2, Samantha Gingg; 3, Kyle Plummer; honorable mention, Norma Bucio and Tiffany Stephens.

Juniors: 1, Devin Streeter; 2, Ali Brunschwiler; 3, Baylie Connor; honorable mention, McKenna Perryman and Guadalupe Gonzalez.

Seniors: 1, Alejandro De Alba; 2, Evan Wright; 3, Janet Arroyo; honorable mention, Pattarapakorn Booncharoen, Amy Avina and Kisslev Justo.

Ribbons for three-dimensional art were awarded to:

Third grade: 1, Oscar Guarduño; 2, Anthony Alvarez; 3, Christopher Chaffin; honorable mention, Erik Chavez.

Fourth grade: 1, Jorge Merced; 2, Phoebe Hauser; 3, Julie Garcia; honorable mention, Hugo Hernandez and Nadia Hernandez.

Elementary and middle school groups: 1, YMCA Afterschool Program middle school students; 2, YMCA Afterschool program elementary school students.

High school students: 1, Bret Harvell (12); 2, Maria Ayala (12); 3, Connor Dressel (12); honorable mention, Cole Borkin (11) and Xue DiMaggio (9).

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