The Cambrian

Focus Group to discuss biomass project

People attending the Cambria FireSafe Focus Group meeting that starts at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, could learn more about a $381,000 project to reduce greenhouse gases while it disposes of tons of wood chips every day and produces electricity to partially power the town’s sewage-treatment plant.

The meeting will be at the Cambria Fire Station, 2850 Burton Drive.

The Powertainer “biomass” generator system is manufactured by All Power Labs of Berkeley. The portable unit is built within an 8 foot-by-20-foot cargo shipping container. To learn more about the system, which might be paid for in part by a grant, go to

Focus Group Chairwoman Shirley Bianchi said Tuesday, Jan. 31, that among the other items she expects to have on the meeting’s agenda are: An update on grants, including whether any of the grants will be or could be affected by the new federal government’s freeze on certain grants; an update on progress toward finalizing the Cambria Community Services District’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan; applying by March 3 for a $500 grant to be used on National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day projects (such as youth-oriented work, fire-prevention projects, community clean-up days, chipping days and planting Firewise gardens); the group’s FireWise signs; and regular updates on the group’s activities.

For details, contact Bianchi at 805-927-8006.